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About Me

I'm trying to learn how to code so I can run this website as a private blog for my interests!

Here are a few of my interests:

And my main kins:

  1. Marcy Wu
  2. Kyoko Mogami
  3. Babymouse
  4. Yona Yona of the Dawn
  5. Kanako Naedoko
  6. Haruhi Fujioka
Row 1, cell 1 Row 1, cell 2 Row 1, cell 3
Row 2, cell 1 Row 2, cell 2 Row 2, cell 3
Row 3, cell 1 Row 3, cell 2 Row 3, cell 3
Row 4, cell 1 Row 4, cell 2 Row 4, cell 3

Marxist-Leninist Theory I Recommend Reading (especially if you're just starting out):

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